Saturday, October 31, 2009

Taking Sick Leave

Not that I actually get any 'sick leave' since I'm retired and not employed, but the fact remains that I am sick. Very sick.

For about a week or more, I had been brewing something and seeing a low-grade fever every evening. Then 3-4 days ago I started getting chills so fierce that I couldn't stop shaking, and I couldn't get warmed even with a roaring fire and 3 blankets. After 36 hours of that, my temperature had escalated to 104.7ºF and I called an ambulance. (None of my family was home, and there was no way I would dare try to drive.)

The good news is that the swab for H1N1 was negative, and the chest films showed no pneumonia. My O2 stats were low, and best they can assume is an acute bronchial infection. They gave me Zithromax at the ER; my niece filled my prescription for the remainder yesterday. If you aren't familiar with Zithromax, it's usually called Z-Pack and the dosage is just one pill a day for 5 days although it keeps working systemically for much longer. It is used to treat bacterial infections, not viral infections.

Sometime during the night my fever finally broke, and I awakened awashed in thoroughly soaked bedding. My temp is normal right now. I'm up, and sitting in my ergonomic office chair
only because my lousy mattress has given me a terrific backache after 4 days in bed.

I have not felt this sick in years, and doubt that I shall bounce back as quickly as I did when younger. I'm glad it is not H1N1, although I didn't think it was anyway. The ER nurse said they are seeing 15-18 cases a day, none any more severe that the normal flu they see.

I'll be back to posting again when I feel better, and can track better. With some of the delirium I've had, my mind isn't very clear right now.


  1. Well, glad you are feeling better! I'm sure you will make a full recovery, given time and good healthy food!

  2. It's so aggravating to be sick. I'm glad you went to the ER - that was a terribly high fever.

    By the way, happy birthday today!

  3. Thanks, Lois. I actually got out of bed today! My fever broke yesterday but my body feels like it went through a meat grinder.

  4. Yes, Happy Birthday! Hope you start feeling better very soon!


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