Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm a Cat Person

Oh, I like dogs okay, but I'm really a cat person! I have 2 cats... my big tabby cat is just like me, old, cranky and chunky. And I really do mean she's cranky. That's her in the photo above, demanding I build a fire for Her Highness. She's about 15 or 16 now; she showed up on my porch as a flea-covered tiny kitten years ago. I named her after a character in the book deJour, who turned out to be a Terrorist. NEVER name a cat after a terrorist!

Then, I have this young, svelt, part-Siamese I got from the Shelter about 2 years ago. She's my big game (in her mind) hunter, and presents me with her trophies... that is, when she's not stretched out warm and comfy inside after her expeditions.

I love both my cats, but neither plays enough to amuse me anymore. So this link really made me laugh... it builds up as you watch the video. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Darius, we're cat lovers too. Demanding aren't they? The video is a riot!!! My cousin used to have a parakeet that would trot down his arm and dunk under the faucet for a refresher :)

  2. Birds taking a 'refresher' I can understand; I just never saw a cat who loved water like the one in the video!


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