Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feeling a bit better...

Thanks everyone for your concern, and the birthday wishes!

We have found the source of my infection: bacteria on a sheet of paneling I had stored in the barn for 3 years. When I moved in here 3-1/2 years ago, I removed all the pet-stained carpet and padding, and took out the wall between this tiny bedroom (now computer room) and the hallway so it didn't feel like a closet.
I saved the paneling because it matches the LR.

Recently I installed a door across the hall to give me some privacy from the rest of the house, and that created a very short wall. About 2 weeks ago I brought up that piece of paneling from the barn, sprayed it with clorox clean-up, and then washed it down. It was literally covered in a greenish powdery substance which I apparently breathed.

Don't even ask why I wasn't wearing a mask, since I know better. I can only assume my mind was partially elsewhere!

The paneling will go to the dump this week; it would be impossible to ever get the bacteria out of all the wood pores. So when I feel enough better to work on my wall again, I'll make a trip to Lowe's for sheetrock.

What an expensive lesson in stupidity.


  1. What the lesson cost you may have saved others the expense (and sickness) by reading your post about it! Thanks for the lesson and so glad you're feeling better. No one should be sick on their birthday!

  2. Darius I am glad you found out what was wrong and that your are better...

    Pauletta/lilyhostaky on Daves Garden


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