Friday, October 2, 2009


I've been posting for several Friday's now about how the Feds always announce the bank failures after business hours only on a Friday along with a statement that the "new" bank owners will open for business on Monday morning. It has all been with a sardonic attitude, even if you didn't notice.

Well, it's Friday again... and I'm actually trying to avoid the news channels and web sites. The economic news this week has been bad enough. I have been viewing a few of the 'survival' sites off and on for months, or maybe years, but because of my history with hurricanes and other unexpected emergencies. I believe in being prepared, or even overly-prepared.

The survival sites for the last year or more seem to have a lot of doom, gloom, and conspiracy theories, and I have passed over that content as being just 'fringe' elements. Now as I look at just the simple evidence of how the Feds feed us the information about bank failures, it gives me pause to wonder if there isn't more to what's happening than we are told.

Then I read stories about a young(er) girl living (in FL, I think) with her grandmother since early childhood who is being denied citizenship because she refuses to take the cervical cancer vaccine, even though the vaccine is still controversial with some medical authorities. Or the story this week of a grandmother dragged out of her house at 5 AM because she bought 2 bottles of cough medicine within a week last February, one for her husband, and one later for her daughter's kids who were sick. If the Feds were bothering to check drug store purchases, why didn't they also check her out to see IF she was part of a Meth lab ring?

I really love my country, and what we used to be. I wouldn't want to be the guy trying to get us out of this mess that took decades to build. I don't know that he's right, nor that he's wrong. He is our President. In either case it doesn't matter as long as our elected officials fight for their interests only. It all seems to boil down to "Follow the Money".

We have destroyed so much of the natural beauty and health of our country by our collective wanton greed mixed with lack of understanding or concern for the environment that nourishes us, my generation included because we believed what "They" said. After all, "They" were the Authority and surely knew better than we did. We also believed they had superior moral fiber.

I remember a full-page cartoon I cut out of a magazine years ago; it was a cave man overlooking his terrain. The caption said, "Mankind owes his entire existence to 6 inches of topsoil, and the fact that it rains." Nowhere did it say we owe our existence to power, wealth or social standing.

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  1. Hi Darius,
    Have been a subsciber to your blog for a while and admire your passion to write on the subjects that you do, I think we are of similar age, the one I call the cynical age. We don't accept everything we are told as being fact and can see through the "spin" that we are fed through various government authorities. We vote them in,but they get corrupted by big money real quick. What's the answer? Incidentally I am writing to you from Australia- ther's no difference here. Love your blog - keep it up. Regards Tim


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