Monday, January 17, 2011

More on Rocket Stoves

A continuation of thoughts posted here: Baking without an electric or gas oven

I've been looking into Rocket Stoves, and they are easy (and cheap) to make and operate. One problem with making one out of tin cans is that they rust out and need to be replaced perhaps as often as every 6 months. I have a hard time with things that are destined to be thrown "away" because "away" is just a pile somewhere out of my sight. It doesn't really disappear... someone else will have to deal with "my junk" sooner or later, from wherever 'away' happens to be.

So I'm wondering if a ready-made and more substantial Rocket Stove might be a better bet as a back-up means of cooking for me, even at the cost? 

StoveTek 'GreenFire Flex' (Wood-Charcoal Stove)

StoveTec sells one that burns either wood or charcoal for under $90 with free shipping, and it's made from steel, or at least a galvanized steel pot skirt (not shown... and the photos on their website are woefully inadequate) with painted steel metal body and legs. It has a cast iron stove top, an insulative abrasion-resistant combustion chamber, a fuel grate, and 2 doors with sliding covers.

StoveTek Rocket Stove, probably the wood burning only model

I'm not sure I could actually travel around and hunt the proper materials, and then find and pay someone to do the cutting and welding any cheaper than the cost of buying a manufactured one.


  1. There are a lot of designs on the web for building rocket. I like the ones built from bricks and eventually hope to make one.

  2. If you get one of those let us know how they are. I finally broke down and bought a compost bin after years of struggling with homemade ones ... there's something to be said for sturdiness. ;)

  3. Oh it's on my "List" for sure... just a matter of priorities and stretching my social security check. You can be sure I'll post about it!

  4. Hello, i just made one from stainless steel and it works smoke and good heat.
    it didnt cost anything. you just need some tin snips, a drill and a visit to the scrapyard.

  5. Do you have a photo? I've been collecting ideas and photos for a new post on rocket stoves later this summer. This has been an extremely popular post!


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