Sunday, May 23, 2010

Whup, Had a Milestone and Missed it!

Photo courtesy of Eggybird's photostream

Actual milestones, those which once marked real miles, are a thing long in the past. Yet, we still use the term today to mark auspicious events, whereas in reality, we put up few actual markers for them except perhaps birthday candles, wedding rings and tombstones...

My latest milestone was last week, the one year anniversary of realizing I could spit in my creek and it would become the Mighty Mississippi... thus the
first post of this blog, May 15, 2009. I missed the milestone because it wasn't marked, even on my calendar!

It has been an interesting year, and journey, doing this blog. Judging by what I post, most of my journey may not be so obvious. It has been (and continues to be) a journey towards discovery of self; a letting go of some old baggage, and a realization there is baggage I have no desire as yet to relinquish, though I know I should. (The
should's get us every time, don't they?)

There have been almost 10,000 views (from all over the world) of this blog in the first year, the majority being merely a scant few seconds, perhaps landing here by an accident of a Google search term. There are a few brave readers who have found me quite by chance, and come back often to visit; they share the daily stats with old friends who drop by in support whether they agree with my views or not.

To all who happen by here for whatever reason: I Thank You, One and All.


  1. I found your blog a few months ago and try to visit often. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  2. Thanks. I'm happy to share the bits I'm learning along with the ups and downs...


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