Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coincidence, 'Freedom and Jeff'

I do not believe 'coincidence' is mere happenstance... I believe there is synchronicity in the events in our lives, and that most things happen for a reason.

Not long ago, I truly despaired of all the negativity surrounding me, our country and our politics, and our food. It became so intense that I found myself unintentionally adding to it by posting items about what's going on in money politics, food politics, etc. that reinforced the negativity, almost as if I was saying, "See, I told you..." when I actually thought I was posting to alert folks to lurking dangers.

So I put out to the
Universe ('God', if that suits your terminology) that I needed a change in viewpoint... that surely there was more to life than the despair I was seeing everywhere...

...and things began to change.

Medical reports on my auto-immune/liver disease improved, and an Endocrinologist finally saw I really was having low thyroid issues. The thyroid doctor started me on a new road to healthy nutrition (I had believed my nutrition was already very healthy), and with those changes I am beginning to feel better than I have in a long time. I thought I was just feeling better physically but now I realize my attitude is also changing.

I am re-discovering a whole world of people who care. People I will never meet, but
who stop for a moment and give someone a hand up. People who care enough to share their own stories of self-recovery in all its many forms. People who make a difference they will probably never even know about.

Oh, the world out there is still SS/DD, but from inside my world is now colorful, not just black and white. It is colored by all the unknown and untold stories, and by known stories like Freedom and Jeff.

Freedom is a Bald Eagle in the Puget Sound area. She was a fledgling who had fallen out of a nest on a golf course, almost dead.
This is a story of one Bald Eagle's magnificent spirit and sheer will to live, and the miraculous 'Circle of Healing' around her. (This page has more photos.)


  1. I'm very glad for the news about your improving health and that your happier mood is a part of that! Thanks for the link to Freedom and Jeff.

  2. Thanks, Yuska. You've hung in there through many of my trials!

  3. You truely are on your way to becoming that Wise Woman.

  4. Jayne, coming from you, that comment is doubly appreciated!


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