Sunday, May 2, 2010

A2 Milk

I still haven't found a local source of A2 milk. Right now I am away from home, house-sitting, and I found a grass-fed farm nearby, Gryffon's Aerie, when I was here two weeks ago. They raise heritage Milking Devons, which are a bit different than Beef Devons, slightly smaller, and more tender meat.

I went out to their farm today and bought a bunch of beef for my freezer. Plus, I treated myself to a tiny filet mignon! I also got a big bag of marrow bones which I shall roast and use for stock... and a beef heart. The owner said her husband loves beef heart, and I'll have to ask for a recipe. (I've only cooked chicken hearts before.
) I'm really impressed by the dedication this family has to raising healthy, grass-fed meat.

They do not run a dairy (or sell any milk), just raise the beef, plus a few heritage hogs (Tamworth) and lambs (Cotswold). However, they do keep a couple of Devon milk cows for family use, and they are A2 milk. Unfortunately, both have just calved, and they leave the milk just for the calves for the first 3-4 weeks. I really wanted a taste. Sigh.

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