Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Milk Chuckle...

As I have written before, I'm looking for raw milk... to drink, and to make cheese, kefir or whatever. I still haven't found a cow share yet, but I have been buying local milk in glass jugs.

The last jug bought 2 days ago is not homogenized (which I had not seen on the shelves before), so I bought a jug to try, put in the fridge, and then promptly forgot I bought milk that wasn't homogenized.

This morning when I went to add milk to my coffee, out poured this thick, almost chunky stuff and my knee-jerk reaction was "spoiled milk".
It has been so many years since I saw milk with the cream on top that it took several seconds for my brain to process what my eyes were seeing!

I love the taste of this milk; I love that plastic jugs aren't going to the landfill, and plastic residues aren't going into my system. I also love that the milk seems colder in the glass jugs.


  1. It's illegal around here. Has to be labelled as For Pet Consumption Only. I always bought into the notion that pasteurized milk is the only safe milk, until I started hearing/reading about Weston Price and Sally Fallon. I've got some big changes to make if I ever want to follow that style of eating!

  2. It's illegal in many states, and here in VA, I think it's illegal even as pet milk. That's why I'm interested in owning a share in a good milk cow!


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