Monday, March 22, 2010

Feeling Disturbed, Isolated and Very Alone...

I must admit tonight I am deeply disturbed by a number of things happening all over my country: some are happening in my government, some are happening in my food supply, and some are happening in many of my fellow Americans. And it seems there's not a thing I can do about any of it.

I think I almost understand what some of the Native Americans must have felt at what the White Eyes did to them... slowly... but inexorably.

I read a lot of blogs... blogs of all kinds. I read some because they tinker, or garden as I do, or they eat or cook as I do, or they have the same issues about government control of our food as I do. Or, they write tantalizing word pictures that dance around in my imagination and all's right in my world.

I also read a lot of the political fringe blogs just to know what they are thinking... and I even agree with some of them who think our federal government has been overstepping its bounds with laws that are not legal under our Constitution. Where in our Constitution does it say the government should control automobile manufacturing? Or control the financial sector? Or health care?

The health care bill that just passed could be the place where many will finally draw the line. Already several states have begun the legal process to challenge the new health care legislation as unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, a militant blogger is encouraging civil disobedience via throwing bricks through the windows of political (Democratic) offices, and those acts are being reported in several states just today. Personally, I think encouraging something like sit-ins would have been smarter. I don't agree with violence, even when the militants say violence put Hitler out of business... and Mussolini... and kept Texas from being Mexican.

The new health care bill is over 2,000 pages long and I have only read portions of it. Frankly, I wonder who has read it in its entirety. (Sound familiar, kinda like the Patriot Act that passed without anyone but the authors reading it, or even having a copy, because politicians were in fear after 9-11?) And just what are the 'earmarks' for 13 states in the final health care bill?

I do know part of the bill just passed allows for something like 27,000 new IRS agents. Dunno what for though, since that agenda wasn't noted. Sunday night, soon after passage of the bill, I heard a Senator from Tennessee (my closest news station is in Tennessee) say on TV that Tennessee cannot afford the matching funds required by this bill. The state is already in the red and has already cut many Medicare programs across the state, even limiting how many doctor's visits you can have. (Medicare is always partly funded by each state.)

Here's what another blogger posted, and although I don't agree with a lot he says, I tend to agree with this: "At the heart of the Medicare reform battle was a very simple fact. The current Medicare program is broke. The current Social Security program is broke. Most of the States in the nation are broke. America must borrow a billion dollars a day to maintain its huge entitlement programs. The interest on treasury notes alone is daunting."

I feel very alone, very isolated by the government of this country that I love and is my home, isolated even by the governments at the state and local level who are required to report any dissent to Homeland Security. I doubt Homeland Security knows or cares that I don't like okra, but you can bet they know I don't like how Monsanto and Friends 'buy' favorable government rulings.

To say what I think anymore is to be labeled anti-government, which equals terrorist in their minds.


  1. You are welcome to join me; I am a militant independent. I have a brain and I know how to use it. You won't be alone anymore.

    I sure do enjoy your posts.

  2. Thanks! There are days I wonder if I am only writing for myself, which of course is basically true.

  3. I found your blog the other day by accident, now you're listed in my 'favorites' so I can get here quickly. Have been popping in and reading a little here and there. You are most certainly Not alone! (neither are any of us, just feels that way a lot.) I'd reply as something other than anonymous but don't really get it here, not part of any forum.

    Have lived mostly reclusive and by myself most of life... love it... or maybe learned to love it is better put... Currently, taking care of my small farm in Oregon. Food is very important to me... esp. milk! Grew up on real milk before it was made illegal... and that was a huge crime in itself perpetrated by lies power/control mongers that I recall quite well in long-ago home state of montana. Stuck with me all of my life as something Never! to forget, just how the lies...

    (they said the cows carried tuberculosis... yes, tuberculosis... not bruscellosis (sp), but tuberculosis... at the time, TB was a big deal and people were quarantined for months and years in the state hospital if they had it... big scare.... Well the cows most Definitely! did not have TB... but most farmers did not have any letters after their name, for their testimony to be 'heard' in court)

    ... were turned into perjured court testimony which supported legislation for draconian law... all in about 1 1/2 years.... and all our friends had to give up their cows under threat of jail for selling milk because they couldn't afford to feed them anymore, families lost income everywhere... and we had to start getting this pure crap from the store and couldn't make butter anymore. This was in the sixties... and the beat goes on... Every time lies happen, the gut knows it... and what all is going on today with our country is enough to make Any! reasonable person feel very isolated alone and literally SICK.

    But meanwhile, a baby black Dexter heifer was born 2 nights ago, and she is, in spring 2012, going to be my shampooed curry-combed milk cow... Yay! Prescription for happiness: Shut the world out as much as possible, let them all go to hell (and the doctor) by themselves. I, for one, am going to have a good time bottle-feeding this calf all summer. With no allergies or leftover health problems bugging me while doing it thanks to real milk!

    been on everyone's list decades and probably made the no-fly one of late for all I know, sneezed wrong or something ~ z

  4. Thanks for the comments! I hadn't heard a personal history of the milk debacle! If you scroll down the right column to "Follow", you can link with a name other than 'anonymous' although you may have to register with google for a name...

  5. Okay... did it... no longer anon...
    Milk. One would hardly believe all the hell small communities went through in MT, then, over it. And no one could believe this was happening In Montana!.... Big Sky Country! Last of the places where 100 acres was still called a small farm!.... of all places... it was unreal. And only a few short years later it was as if milk had Always come from a waxed carton (this was before the plastic jugs), and my citified friends looked pretty quizzical/vague when trying to explain to them what all had happened to the farms. Subject often uncomfortably changed, no one really Wanted to know where their food comes from... but things are changing because... they have to.

    I have traveled a lot in my life, and the vague looks were/are even worse elsewhere, where "raw milk" had already long become a dirty word or something. (a term Unheard Of in MT before legislation... it was just "milk" before then... but all of a sudden was "raw" as opposed to... what? "Cooked"?... a term of Absolute Design by the simple unconscious word-association that everyone automatically does, meant to imply it was as unsafe as uncooked meat. Ingenius.)

    I have introduced ghastly ill people to real milk, and also off of soy (another very serious issue), and seen them recover quickly, and whole families supposedly lactose intolerant can't get enough of real milk... and heard little kids say
    with big smiles "their stomaches don't hurt anymore".

    Also, have found personally that real milk from A1 cows does nothing for me, no matter how healthy and happy and clean they are, even though it tastes pretty darn good.... while A2 cows both solve the so-called lactose-intolerance of others, as well as eliminate all of my own digestive issues.

    In another portion of your blog here, you mentioned that you would like to see proof of harm from A1 milk. There is a lot of data on the subject showing harm. But for me personally, the difference in health is obvious... literally from one glass of milk to the next. I have experimented on myself purchasing real milk from several farms, and have the same results regarding lactose- intolerant people.

    There is a company in New Zealand that farmers here (oregon) are having their cows tested for A1/A2; all it takes is a hair from the tail and $45.00, I hear.

    This is a learning process... most people including those who sell real milk in the US have never heard of the A1/A2 issues. I learn something new every day!

  6. I am aware of the data (and testing) available from NZ; I just don't think it will make a dent in the overall scheme of things here as long as corporate profits control our increasingly regimented food supply. Soylent Green is nipping hard...

  7. Soylent Green, I think I'd rather eat that than some of the junk at the least the people lived out their lives! OK, maybe not. I forget where, but there was a list of about 10 types of people 'they' are keeping an eye on...I was all but one! libertarians, supporters of Ron Paul,... Well he's one with a brain that doesn't seem to be bought... yet... they'll probably get to him eventually, too. Amazing how many scientists have died lately that could have gone up against them, isn't it? I would be afraid, but my faith calms me and allows me to be a less fearful mouse warrior... boy that sounds wimpy. o.o ;)

  8. I wasn't aware we were 'losing' scientists recently, although that had been prevalent in the past. Sigh.

    I'm sure I must be on a 'watch' list because I am so vocal about wanting real food!


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