Monday, March 29, 2010

Chicken, Spinach and Sprouts

I used my first batch of sprouted mung beans for this dish. Easy to make although I had no recipe. I found the photo on Flickr and it looked so good!

Sauté some sliced mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil with a pat of butter for added flavor. Add cut-up chicken pieces and stir/fry until almost done. Add some fresh spinach, throw in the bean sprouts and cook just long enough to get them warmed. (I would have thrown in some sliced scallions with the chicken pieces if I'd had any.)

I served it with some hot bulgur (topped with a pat of butter) that I had soaked overnight in water with a tad of vinegar. (Rinse well if the smell of vinegar lingers and you don't like it.) It is a quick cooking grain, so it was easily cooked in the time I was also cooking the chicken.


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