Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Time...!

It's time to start gardening again! Friday and Saturday the moon was in Taurus, and a good time to start above ground, cool weather crops.

I planted spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, and a small-headed cabbage, and peas (including snow peas and sugar snaps). Some were seeds, while the brassicas were nursery seedlings from Southern States.

Even though today is the spring equinox, it is far from 'planting weather' for most things, and I hope these I just planted do well. Last year I didn't plant brussels sprouts until May and they didn't develop edible sprouts until fall!

We will still have many cold snaps and occasional frosts here in the mountains before the middle or so of May. Ugh. I am SO ready for warm weather!

I managed to do some repairs and clean-up on half my raspberry patch yesterday, too. I am slowly replacing the first wires I used for my 'trellis' as they continually stretched (in spite of being advertised on the package as no-stretch) and let the canes flop over and into the walkway between the rows. (You can read about the initial building of my bramble trellis here.) I have replaced 75% of the wires so far, and now I can get a taut restraint for my canes.

In my original design, I only used 3 horizontal wires on each side of a row. I'm thinking I should probably add a 4th wire for better control of new canes as they are growing. Same overall height as I now have for the wires, only spaced closer together nearer the bottom to contain new canes before they even get 2' tall.

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