Monday, March 8, 2010

Chicken or the Egg...

I'm not one for taking pills (pharmaceuticals) even though it looks like another one may be added to my regime, depending on results of the thyroid tests I just had done at the University of Virginia last week.

I have to question my own self whether it's the chicken or the egg syndrome. Do I not like taking pills because of all I've learned about Big Pharma over the years? Or do I just not like relying on something external to fix an internal "dis-ease"?

I'd guess most of us think most drugs are priced way too high so Big Pharma can make big profits, but I'd guess we also accept the costs of research and development are not cheap, either. Then, there's the matter of trust in any drug. I sadly remember the 10,000+
Thalidomide babies born with deformities in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

Recently, a large
research fraud was exposed about a doctor who had published dozens of favorable research articles in medical journals for Pfizer and Merck pharmaceuticals. The doctor's study on Celebrex to reduce pain during post-surgical recovery was positive, yet he never even enrolled a single patient in the study!

study just released by the Senate Finance Committee shows GlaxoSmithKline deliberately hid evidence of harm from their diabetes drug Avandia. The document even shows FDA's own scientists had concluded that Avandia was responsible for more than 83,000 heart attacks yet still allowed the drug to be marketed.

I said I don't like to take pills, but I'm usually okay with taking an antibiotic if I have an infection, and reluctantly take a beta blocker only because I know I must to prevent additional harm to my body. However, anything I do take gets vetted on the internet for contra-indications, drug reactions, and so on.

That brings me to supplements. I take a few, mostly D3, calcium and Omega-3. I believe there are some supplements (but not all that many) on the market that make vast, unsupported claims and should be controlled or removed. We are too quick to believe the hype without reading the fine print. I also believe that in this age of nutritionally-deficient food, some supplements are necessary even though how much of any of them our bodies can utilize varies.

I was glad to see Senator McCain's Bill
(Dietary Supplement Safety Act S-3002) looks dead in it's current form, but I still think Congress will try to pass some legislation to have total control over dietary supplements. Unfortunately, Codex Alimentarius will probably prevail in the long run despite fears of over-regulation: "It is reported that in 1996 the German delegation put forward a proposal that no herb, vitamin or mineral should be sold for preventive or therapeutic reasons, and that supplements should be reclassified as drugs." The proposal was accepted by the Commission, but not enacted because of protests. (See Codex link for source.)

What frightens me is that on the surface, Codex sounds protective of the public safety, but I fear it merely gives control to Big Pharma. Frankly, I think I am intelligent enough to choose to take any vitamin or dietary supplement without a doctor's visit and subsequent prescription.


  1. I have been reading about your endocrine tests and supposed thyroid problems. A thought: maybe it's not this at all. Have you ever done an extensive parasite cleanse (takes 2 weeks), and then detox from parasites regularly? Gross subject but I'll tell you what, most everyone is walking around loaded. And the toxins released just happen to mimmick a lot of other things, for years and years and years, including thyroid problems.

    Very simple to get rid of too.... the problem is, no dr it seems will find them because the correct tests are never performed... an O & P on fecal matter will never show much of anything and yet that is the primary test run. Then because rarely is anything found at the lab this way, a dr will not prescribe medication for something they can't find..... yadda yadda yadda... and the beat goes on.... just keep that insurance rolling in.... roll every test known to man with it...

    But I honestly think they just don't know any better even though the conflicts of interest between health and incomes are obvious.

    Anyway, very easy to fix... and then you keep on regularly, just like with your cat or dog or cow or horse or pig or chicken etc etc etc.... somewhere along the line, and not that long ago, powers that be thought it'd be JUST CUTER THAN
    ALL HECK! for people to believe they were somehow different than any other living thing, and immune to everything creeping and crawling.

    Does one have their animals "tested" for common parasites? Not usually... one just puts them on a regular schedule to keep it all at bay. Humans are no different, and three simple common plants do it. No prescription necessary.

    Recently I came across a woman who was so extremely ill, could hardly go to work, or do anything at all, for 8 months. Dying, if you ask me, had this gone on much longer. Every test imaginable had been done... and, predictably, could not find a thing wrong with her. I suggested she do this, and showed what and how. She recovered in 2 weeks, normal bm's and all...

  2. Very interesting comments. As you suggest, the endocrines are quite probably not the culprit. I have been reading a lot about colon health, which is such a socially taboo subject that very little accurate information is readily available.

  3. Here it is, I call the prescription "NOT ROCKET SCIENCE": 3 ingredients... black walnut hull tincture, crumbled wormwood leaves (artemesia absynthium), fresh ground cloves. 1) TINCTURE:... take the GREEN walnuts when they fall to the ground towards fall. Can freeze extra. Put a couple of the green balls in a mason jar and just cover with grain alchohol (everclear is perfect, but if not available use vodka). Cover tightly and let sit at room temp for a week. Drain off, that is your tincture. (Black walnut hull tincture made from the green hulls before they turn black kills many life stages of innumerable parasites.) The finished colour for this tincture will look brownish but when put to the light has a very definite clear-greenish hue to it. 2) WORMWOOD kills worms. Specifically artemesia absynthium, the same plant used to distill "the green fairy" of absynthe. You can grow your own and then dry and crumble the leaves, pack into gelatin capsules (I use size 00). While growing your crop in your herb garden (makes a beautiful border plant too) you can buy a can of good crumbled artemesia absynthium here: Smallflower, 4716 North Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Ill 60625 (800) 252- 0275... w w w dot smallflower dot com slash support slash contact dot html (eight ounces for 9.00, plus 7.00 shipping... enough to pack enough into 00 size capsules for many a moon.) 3) Fresh ground CLOVES. Kills eggs of many parasites. Buy whole cloves and grind small amounts in cheapo hand held coffee bean grinder. Pack into 00 or 0 size capsules immediately to preserve freshness. Schedule in next posting.

  4. Make a chart of this schedule, for days 1-18: Tincture: On days 1-5, empty stomache always: take 1 drop of tincture in 1/2 cup water, 2 drops day 2, 3 drops day 3, 4 drops day 4, 5 drops day 5. On day 6, take 2 teaspoons in 1 cup water and sip it over 15 minutes. If you feel a little dizzy, go outside get fresh air. After this, 2 teaspoons in a cup of water once a week forever. Wormwood: on days 1 and 2, empty stomache always: 1 capsule. On days 3 and 4, 2 capsules. On days 5 and 6, 3 capsules. On days 7 and 8, 4 capsules. On days 9 and 10, 5 capsules. On days 11 and 12, 6 capsules. On days 13 through 16, 7 capsules. After this, 7 capsules once a week forever. Cloves: Day 1, empty stomache always: 1 capsule 3x/day before meals. Day 2, 2 capsules 3x/day before meals. Days 3 through 10, 3 capsules 3x/day before meals. On day 11, 7 capsules all at once on empty stomache. After this, 7 capsules once a week forever.... In practice it really works just fine to take all 3 together once a week forever. Kills everything as they come... from our cats, dogs, pet birds hamsters etc etc. The only thing this is not guaranteed to kill is tapeworm which is picked up from goats, sheep, rodents. Tapeworm is tougher than anything else and I do not know of a plant that will kill it for sure, yet. But the drug Quaziprantyl will kill tapeworm and the Bayer company makes a meant-for-human product through big pharma (BUT because you will never find a dr that will FIND the darn tapeworm regardless of how many chopped-up mice you handle daily even with bare hands (I feed owls/hawks/etc, in wildlife rehab specifically for raptors... gloves on, but many don't wear gloves in handling education birds which are never released due to disability because the birds don't like them)..therefore will never get the prescription)... large dog size at feed store does the job. Exact same drug. How often? Well, how often would one give a dog medication for tapeworm if they were around goats/sheep/llamas etc etc every day... as mine is, cats too, at home... every 3 months is appropriate. Avg cost at feed store is 25.00/large dog size dose. I have not been to a dr of any description save for a bad car wreck several years ago in nearly 20 years. I am not sick EVER, do not get colds flu etc EVER. Though I had a bout with a very rare sinus infection this spring, but I think I know why. I do various things to keep myself up all of which work very well... but health is from the inside out. My very long silver hair gleams and my skin is like porcelain esp for my age. I have tons of energy! Happy to share this esp to those with animals; if it helps your condition as well, tell all. And then, once a week, forever.

  5. That's really interesting. I'll have to study on it a bit, but I can see that you have proven benefits which makes the information valuable to me. Thanks!


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