Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Pinch of Salt in my Coffee

A pinch of salt improved my coffee. Yes, my coffee!! I know a pinch of salt improves most flavors but I never would have paired it with coffee.

As the economy has worsened I have found it more difficult or impossible to afford the better coffees available. But the cheaper coffee always seems to have a decidedly bitter taste. Recently, I caught some of an Alton Brown rerun and it was about coffee. His recommendation (for
any coffee, not just cheap coffee) was to put a pinch of salt on the grounds before whatever technique you use to make coffee. He was using a French Press, which I do not own.

Anyway, I tried it the next morning... and sure enough the coffee was better! Then I totally forgot all about it, probably because I'm usually not fully functional when I make the coffee in the mornings.

For the last few days, I have kept a small container of salt (sea salt or Kosher salt with no additives, please) next to the coffee pot so I don't forget. I must say that consistently over those days my coffee has had a better taste, with no trace of a salty overtone. I just use a pinch between my finger and thumb.

I know I should quit drinking coffee again, but until I do, at least it will taste better.

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