Friday, February 26, 2010

Making Mozzarella in the absence of good milk

I happened to see the newsletter from New England Cheese Making Supply about their move to larger quarters, and in the newsletter was a link to making Mozzarella from Instant Nonfat Dry Milk, and Cream.

I read through it, and then more about milk in general, and think I will try this since, so far I have no source for Real Milk.
.. and it looks easy! She (Ricki, the Cheese Queen!) uses Carnation brand instant nonfat dry milk although she says other brands also work. I'd just want to be sure it wasn't imported from China. The cream she uses can be ultra-pasteurized (good thing, because that's all my grocer carries anymore) since the calcium and proteins are already in the dry milk. In her process, she gives you a choice of her 30 minute system using microwave cycles, or the traditional method of whey or hot water for stretching. Since I believe microwaves are hazardous to food, I'll be using the traditional method.

I'll even take some pictures although the pictures of her process explain it very well. (I don't promise to post mine!)

It occurs to me that this recipe would be handy for Preppers since an abundance of dry milk is usually among the stores. Using some of it for fresh mozzarella could be a nice change if things get really tough.

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