Friday, February 5, 2010

Mardi Gras Celebrations Begin Today

Photo from Ray Devlin's photostream, Used By permission

There is a LOT to Mardi Gras, far too much for one post! The phrase Mardi Gras, when translated from French, literally mean Fat Tuesday, the last day of indulging in certain foods before the Lenten fasting season begins the following day, which is Ash Wednesday.

This year (2010) Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday February 16, but the celebrations we have come to know as Mardi Gras actually begin Friday, February 5th and run through Fat Tuesday, February 16. The celebration in New Orleans is so large that now there are
56 parades scheduled during this time!

I'll post a bit about some of the interesting traditions and history later next week, and then another on Fat Tuesday (with a recipe). It's a fascinating time of revelry and tradition in New Orleans, and this post is merely to let you know it has begun!

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