Monday, February 1, 2010

Modern MRE's

Well, kinda ready to eat... the one I just tried required a 10 minute cook time on the stovetop.

I generally avoid packaged foods, but I guess I was in a low spot when shopping and bought this to try. Here are my observations:

It was very tasty. It was also very expensive (even to feed 2 people) considering the cost of the ingredients. All the chicken in the package could not have been as much as half a chicken breast, and the amount of spinach was about 1/4 of a package of frozen spinach. That leaves the pasta, and sauce. We all know pasta is cheap, no matter what the shape. So I really bought a bag of pretty expensive frozen Parmesan cheese sauce.

In a pinch I might make it again, but I'd add more chicken for protein and a tad more spinach, but if I did that, I might as well make it from scratch.

The package was either $7.99 or $6.99; I forget which, and don't have the receipt, but probably $7.99. (I found the receipt, it was $7.99.) It made one very tasty dinner, and one tasty lunch for me. It was cheaper than eating out and certainly not a TV dinner, and was a nice break from my usual fare.


  1. I hadn't ever thought about these as modern MRE's. Good call!

    Now every time I see something like that - YOU will be in my mind.


  2. That trick retailers uses backfires on me, too. If they want $7 they think it sounds cheaper to say 6.99 or 6.97, but I constantly catch myself rounding up twice...

  3. MRE = Meals, Ready to Eat. Military Jargon.


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