Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My White Front Yard

I really love snow, but this year it is beginning to try my patience! The good news is that the Locals say the gardening should be better.

We had about 18" in early/mid January, followed by a couple inches here and there... then 2 days ago another 8" on top of what had not melted in the interim. Now, more snow is forecast from tonight (Monday, as I write this) through Thursday.

The photo above is my house when I lived in Annapolis, Maryland years ago, and my friends up there tell me it's like that again from this weekend's snowstorm. Thankfully, we aren't that deep here!

I just want to get out of my driveway and do more than a quick run to the grocery store! I even had to cancel a 3 day trip to upper mid-Virginia (this week) to see my doctors and have some tests done, thanks to the storm. Sigh.

The trip would have been a good antidote for 'cabin fever'.

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