Saturday, February 6, 2010

My New Hardesty Genealogy Website

Since I have mentioned several times here about my work on my Hardesty Genealogy, I thought I'd post the URL of my new site. It's and it's just a very small 2 page site.

What I hope is to sell folks their lineage going back to the early 1800's at the very inexpensive price of $9.95 for a PDF. I don't expect to sell a pig in a poke either, so no money is exchanged until I can check to see if their ancestor is actually
in our database of almost 18,000 related Hardesty's in the USA. If so, they they can pay by PayPal and I'll send the PDF which will include all the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.

Furthermore, since the Hardesty name is so common in some areas, it is hard to distinguish whether 'John' born in Paynevile, Kentucky in
1843 is the son of William T(homas) or the son of William's cousin William T(aylor) who also named a son John in 1842 in Payneville. Once they no longer lived at home, it is sometimes impossible to tell which 'John' is which. Census records were difficult to read anyway, and not all the census-takers had legible handwriting.

If I send someone a lineage that's in error, I will gladly refund their money providing they can show me where it's wrong. $9.95 is a cheap investment for someone who hasn't the time or inclination to spend $19.95 per month (and can take years) to do the research themselves and yet would like to have a better sense of their own family history.

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