Friday, August 28, 2009

Shell Game?

I awakened this morning wondering about my ability to understand English even though it is my native tongue and I am fairly well educated. I read, and/or listen to the news at least daily, and usually more than once a day. And I wonder what they are really saying... and not saying.

Remember the old
shell game? We all knew it looked easy, and we all believed surely anyone and everyone could pay attention and figure it out to 'win'. No one ever did, except the 'shill' who was part of the set-up. The 'mark' got suckered every time.

I'm beginning to feel that way about the news, whether it's bank bailouts, automotive industry bailouts, pros and cons of health care reform, insurance and pharmacuetical government influence/manipulation/control, true figures on the unemployed, multi-million dollar bonuses, ponzi schemes, global warming, peak oil...

I'm sure there is a shell game going on, and even with the English I understand, I can't seem to figure it out.

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