Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Huge Raspberries!

Whoooeee... I thought my raspberries were finished for the year, until today! I found several canes with new berries, mostly not ripe yet. The berries are larger (nickel used for size comparison) than the earlier berries, and I'm not sure what variety they are. Last spring someone gave me a few plants of Heritage, and I bought a couple of Caroline, and if you've even grown raspberries you know they all run together unless grown in separate beds.

The 2 blackberries (actually just one and a half) in the photo are Triple Crown, thornless. I didn't expect any this year since the canes are new, but I'm pleased to get a few.

(Please forgive the photo quality. Not only is my digital camera aging, but I'm not much of a photographer anyway.)

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