Friday, August 14, 2009

Solar Water Pumping

If you have read much of my blog, you know I have finally been able to pump water from my spring to water my garden. However, the submersible pump still needs electricity to operate.

I found this video on
YouTube, and it looks like an interesting possibility. Most solar installations require a storage unit (battery) for the excess electricity produced so that there is electricity available on demand for cloudy or rainy days. My garden won't need any water at those times, so that's one thing to eliminate in the expense column. (I don't use the spring for potable water so I don't need it to be able to pump 24/7.)

Solar panels produce DC (direct current) electricity, and the majority of homes and appliances for them, including water pumps, require AC (alternating current). To go from DC to AC requires the additional expense of an inverter, or optionally, the expense of a DC pump, which must be what they use in this video. As electric rates continue to increase, this process is at least worth investigation.

Solar Water Pumping System Installation in a water well

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