Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bananas!* The Film Dole Doesn't Want Us to See

Photo CC License by clarity

The film Bananas!*, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival this June, follows the story of twelve Nicaraguan banana plantation workers who are suing Dole for concealing the dangers of a pesticide that they claim made them sterile. Despite Dole Foods intense and mounting efforts to silence the controversial filmmakers, the film is receiving tremendous support and will hopefully continue to shed light on the important issue.

You may already know the importance of choosing Fair Trade bananas to support a living wage for plantation workers, but this film will open your eyes to the dangerous conditions that many have been forced to endure. I’m eager to see the movie and hope that it will help spotlight the importance of workers rights and safety, and lead to better conditions.

Besides, I don't like eating stuff grown with an abundance of pesticides!

Check out the trailer.

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