Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Encounter with McDonald's Fast Food

I never eat fast food. It's against all my principals, but very occasionally I'm on the road without having prepared some foods from home to take with me.

This week was a good example. I overslept on the day I needed to take my computer downstate for repairs, so about halfway there, I actually stopped at a McDonald's. Being really hungry, I ordered their "Big Breakfast" which is eggs, sausage, pancakes, a biscuit and a fried hash browns patty.

Imagine my surprise when the condiments supplied with the meal included 2 sealed containers for the pancakes and biscuit marked "margarine" and the syrup marked "flavored high fructose corn syrup". I took them back to the counter, saying I don't, and won't, eat that fake stuff.

Not that it registered on the kids who work the counter at McD's...

The eggs weren't too bad even though factory eggs have little to offer nutritionally, and the thin sausage patty was in the same category. The hash brown patty soaked so much grease onto the plate (either canola oil or soybean oil) that I refused to eat it... same with the biscuit.

Is it any wonder our population who generally depend on fast food has become obese??


  1. We've been eating fast food a little more often right now because I just had a baby and all the prep goes into taking two small children places. I can't wait to get back to our homemade food! I know we aren't doing ourselves any favors right now!

  2. *shudder* I'm so sorry you had to stop there. When that kind of thing happens to us (and it does, occasionally), we stop at a bakery/coffee shop and have muffins ... or I'll find a grocery store along the way and find something there. Even the 7-11 offers some better choices. I've found nuts, bananas, and occasionally an organic brand of potato chips - not ideal, but better than McDs.

    I'm getting better at grabbing something from the cabinets before we run out of the door, though, and so those stops at the coffee shop are getting less frequent ;).

    1. I generally plan ahead and pack a hunk of cheese, maybe a banana or a plum, and hard-boiled eggs along with several bottles of frozen water in my cooler.

      I try to avoid wheat products (and sweets) as a rule whether at home or traveling, but this time when my hypoglycemia kicked in, there wasn't much choice in the "wilderness"...

  3. Not eaten at McD's/etc in over 25 years. Back when we did eat there, we'd refer to it as rat burgers. Back in the 80's there's been something about rats and McD's.

    I started a food program in 2001 and one of the tenets was to make sure, every time, you have a good meal when it is needed. As I had a child to also deal with (we homeschooled), we were always seen with our red cooler of lunch.

    The habit has become so ingrained that part of leaving home always is planning the meals to bring. Because my diet is usually very different than anyone we visit, we usually brought ours, and some to share, to make sure we had what we needed. I often was the one doing the cooking, for this reason.

    Sometimes a day trip would become too long, and we'd have to hit small stores and try to piece something together. But I'd go for cheese, nuts, water, and before I stopped grains, whole grain something. I seldom would pick up a meat product, unless it was the only protein source available. Unless we could find sufficient protein, we didn't get fruit. And only low glycemic fruit then.

    Since seriously cleaning up my food in 2008, I've developed a horror of mainstream food, due to GMOs, low nutrient density, and for the meat, the horror of how it's raised, not to mention the garbage/arsenic/etc it's fed. I guess I'm becoming a food snob. :))

    I will take being a food snob over my state of health in 2007, any old day. For me, it's all about the food.

    1. Pam, I share your sentiments fully on 'mainstream' food. Nice to know I am not alone in the 'wilderness' LOL.


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