Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gonna Quit going to see Doctors...

Yep, I'm thinking to quit going to see any doctors. (No, not really, it's just a negative thought wave I was having.) It seems every time I go, they find more problems, with some now showing up as severe.

I am a firm believer that we are all responsible for the consequences of our actions (including what and how we choose to eat), and I'm no different than anyone else in the aspect of how those choices affect us individually. However, I DO wish I had been better informed years ago about what consequences our food choices have on our health.

My food choices have been great for the last several years, but not so for the first 60 years of my life. (I think I can thank mis-information, advertising and greed for that.) I cannot change the earlier damage that's just now showing up, although hopefully I CAN keep it from getting worse by continuing a healthy, real food diet. I also hope I can pass along lots of healthy food information!

My young (under age 40) primary care physician will not agree with all my food choices, but I have to remember she's a product of what she was taught in medical school, which generally has little emphasis (if any) on good nutrition. She has already recommended a low- to almost non-fat diet and we know the brain thrives on saturated fats!

Medical schools teach how to treat or cure diseases, not how to prevent them. I simply cannot buy the concept of a low-fat diet (and those are too high in bad fats anyway), the excessive sugars found in many fruits and grains, and "foods" filled with fake chemical ingredients... vs. the real foods Nature intended.


  1. Earlier this year I had to find a new doctor. The young woman I went to see spent 40 minutes interviewing me about my health, problems I was having and my lifestyle. When she was done, I made the comment that I had a few questions for her, and she looked at me like I had lost my mind. My main question was what did she think of the eat local, organic movement. Her response was "What movement?" That let me know right there that I would not be back to see her. I finally found a doctor that shares the same values about food that I have. And as an added bonus, he raises pastured pork just like we do, so he can never fuss at me for eating too much pork or pork fat. Good luck in dealing with your doctor.

  2. My doctor is marginally better, but still pretty clueless about foods and nutrition. Mostly I just go so the disabilities continue to be documented, but we both understand there's very little she can do to help with them. I'm having more success by doing the food.

    I've been giving a small amount of thought about going regularly to see the doc. If it wasn't for the need for documentation, I'd probably not go at all.

  3. We asked around and found doctors that are much better informed in our area. Not only better informed, but their practice uses both conventional AND alternative if people want them. They will go either way depending on what YOU want. Even then, I still have to do my research and often find that the folks that go to them have to be well-read and suggest what they want/don't want.

    If you have any "health food" places that are reputable, you might contact them and see if they know of any in the area w/a good reputation.

    Even after having found a place that is more sympathetic and informed, they are still just family doctors. If you need anything more, the specialists just don't seem to have that interest.

    I know're informed and do a lot of research. Sometimes you just have to tell them you want to try something specific rather than waiting on them to know. Sad...but true.

    I wonder if Mercola has a list of "like-minded" doctors throughout the country?

    OH...and I DON'T go to doctors myself... unless I know something is way wrong. :D

    1. Sure wish I lived in an area that hasn't been under a rock for a hundred years. When I lived in Asheville, there were many health care professionals who integrated allopathic, homeopathic and nutritional modalities. I accidentally moved back a century when I moved here. :(


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