Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Computer working, BUT...

I spent 6 hours on the road yesterday, to and from the Apple store in Greensboro, NC, plus an additional 3+ hours with the Techies at the store.

Result? Computer is now functional again, but until I have the $$ to buy a newer version of Microsoft Office for Mac, none of my Word files containing all the bits and pieces of research to write about will open. (I also cannot open Excel files, which is where all my financial stuff like bills due and my checkbook resides, but that doesn't affect this blog, just my pocketbook.)



  1. I live in horror of not having access to my info or financial stuff. So I'm afraid I print out any real important info (can't afford to do all) and don't have anything financial on the computer that I can't duplicate w/o it. (Plus I back-up regularly.)

    Thank goodness for an "in-house" computer techie. He keeps us up and running almost all the time.

    Hope you can figure out how to access your info. I love reading what you've found!!

  2. You might want to look into

    It's free and offers all the functionality of MSOffice and will open almost anything you have or receive in MS format.


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