Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Fermenting Aid

ReCAP mason jar lids

It's starting to be fermenting time again as veggies begin to appear in our summer gardens.
These lids may make it less messy to ferment veggies at home. Simply add a rubber stopper (with a hole in the center) onto the spout hole, put a fermentation lock into the stopper hole, and ferment away.

If fermenting (which actually INCREASES nutritional content in foods), just type fermenting or ferments in the search box located on the right column and it will bring up several posts I've done on fermenting.
Rubber stoppers come in many sizes. A #6 should fir the ReCAP lid.

One of several styles of airlocks from any brewing supply store.

The other good thing about these lids is their general use for mason jars used to store beans, sugars, flours or even vinegars that can be poured out through the jar opening. BPA free.

ps, I own NO stock in this company!


  1. I was an original sponsor when they were creating these lids. I like carrying iced tea in a canning jar and wanted to have a lid that wouldn't leak but had the cap like that. Thought they were a great idea!

    However..the first ones they made have a problem as they leak around the seal part of the jar. If my jar was laying on its side, it would leak. I'm hoping they fix this in the generation. If they do, I'll be the first one to purchase more!

    For fermenting, I LOVE Fido jars. They off-gas but don't let air in. They are the best jar I've ever used for fermenting and they make a good, clean ferment. The quality of the ferment with the Fidos has been the best I've ever experienced in years of trying different kinds of fermenting containers. I don't think I'll ever use anything again.

    Fido jars can often be purchased at the Christmas Tree Store locally or on line at Crate and Barrel. LOVE THEM! No airlock necessary :D

    1. Sue, glad to know you were involved in the creation of these lids.

      I really love Fido jars, and have quite a few of them. Finding replacement gaskets as they age isn't always easy (finding the right size).

    2. Yes - I noticed them when they were first making them on "kickstarter" and sponsored as I've been looking for something like that for a long time. Love using glass to carry drinks in the car rather than plastic containers. This is just the thing for that if they can get the seal taken car of.

      Someone said they may get a better seal on some jars than others as the rims aren't all made equally. I've tried several but unfortunately still the same problem.

      For the Fido Seals:
      I got replacements from crate and barrel.

      Not sure how shipping is for small orders, but the price on the gaskets isn't too bad!

  2. A friend of mine whom I greatly admire has created these:

    I've never used them, as I have not gotten brave enough to ferment things, and then eat them.

    I have no financial interest in the company, but am just supporting her endeavors.

    1. Yes - those are Fido jars with a hole drilled for the airlock to go into.

      I like using the plain Fido jars because there's no hole (which isn't needed) and I can use them for more than just fermenting since there's no hole in the lid.


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