Sunday, June 14, 2009

Now THIS is Being Green!

Nedbank (in South Africa) who bills itself as a "truly green bank" recently put up a billboard made of recycled plastic bags. The billboard is over 120 feet long and is woven of more than 2,000 recycled bags. The project took 7 Crafters about 6 weeks to weave. THAT's Recycling!

Nedbank was in the news before, winning an award in 2006 for it's "Power to the People" solar-powered billboard east of Johannesburg. The solar billboard is on the grounds of a primary school, and its 10 PV solar panels provide electricity to the school, and light the billboard at night. The school uses some of that electricity to supply a hot daily meal to the 1,100 students, many of whom would not get a decent meal elsewhere.

My hat is off to corporations who help their own business by helping others, and being truly green. Think more will get the picture?

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