Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Many Vegetables Will I Get per Row?

In the current economic and environmental situation where so many folks are starting backyard vegetable gardens for the first time, lots of how-to information is available on the internet. Most of it scattered in bits and pieces and seldom all lumped together in one place. Now a free 36 page eBook, "Guide to Growing your Favorite Vegetables" is available for download from the folks at USA Gardener.

One thing I really like in this eBook is a chart showing yields... a guide to how much you can expect each 15 foot row per vegetable type to produce (in pounds). Yields will vary from year to year, by geographic location, soil types and many other factors, so it is just a rough guide. New gardeners will find it invaluable for estimating how much to plant (or how much zucchini you'll have to give away if you plant 3 rows of 15 feet).

Subjects covered are instructions on planning and preparation of a garden area, recommended seeds, tools, and links to some good online resources. The book is nicely set-up so all the information
for each vegetable (like seed sowing, propagation, companion planting, care & growing, and harvesting) is all on one page, allowing you to print out just that page.

Download your free eBook here.


  1. hey..thanks for all the info and i will check it out! your beans look about the same height as mine. my tomatoes are tall but no blossoms. i am wondering if something is wrong. joyce

  2. My tomatoes have been slow this year. I think it's probably all the rain. Two heirlooms I bought in NC (as larger plants) are doing better than the seeds I started.


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