Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Kitchen Gardens to Visit Before You Die

I'll be away for a few days (medical), so some of the info from this post on Kitchen Gardens' blog might be interesting in the interim.

This one interested me the most, perhaps because I have been to Cuba, and had Cuban friends long before Castro took over and Miami/South Florida took in thousands of refugees.

Havana's Organopónicos (Havana, Cuba)

Then these:

Forest Farm and Four Season Farm (Harborside, Maine)
The old walled gardens of Helen and Scott Nearing (Forest Farm), and the newer gardens of Eliot Coleman who learned from the Nearings.
Monticello (Charlottesville, Virginia)
Kibera Sack Gardens (Nairobi, Kenya)
Amalfi Coast MountainsideGardens (Amalfi Coast, Italy)

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