Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There's HOPE for Spring!!

Many of us have suffered a very long winter, whether covered in white snowfall, or just a dead-looking, forlorn brown landscape. Today while I was out and about, I came across a GREEN field, and it gives me hope that Spring really IS just around the corner.

I think this field must be planted with a cover crop, for there look to be shards of corn stalks here and there mixed in with the green. No matter... it's green and I loved it!

I also saw a tiny touch of red on the tips of a few flowering trees, just not enough to photograph.


  1. Winter sure is taking it's time before going. Not a bloom here yet although a few buds but all the critters seem to think Spring should have arrived a week ago. The geese are all gone but the robins and finches are back along with the red winged black birds and the blue birds are nesting. They all are looking at the leafless trees and brown grass and saying WT......

  2. We got 6" of snow here yesterday in Western Mass. It could have been worse, the hilltowns got 9" and other places got the threatened 14". It was pretty coming down, at one point in early morning, the snow flakes were 2" and 3" across. I've never seen such huge flakes.

    But it was nowhere as pretty as the purple crocus it flattened, or the green field you posted.

  3. Hard to believe we have at least 2 more weeks forecast with nighttime temps hovering around 20ºF. Bleck.


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