Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is Advertising dominating our holidays?

Photo by Tama Leaver

I'm just on a rant, so feel free to skip reading this post!

What kid in the US today, regardless of whether they are Christian, Rastafarian, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Wiccan, Shinto, Zoroastrian, Islamic, Jewish or another religion, doesn't equate Easter with Cadbury Eggs and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs? The kids are really lucky if Mom actually made some hard-boiled eggs and colored decorated them. It's all about SUGAR anymore. (And corporate profits from sugar-laden products. No wonder our health nationwide is declining.)

Photo by Jamiesrabbits

It's similar for the Christmas holiday, where the emphasis is on gift-giving... or New Year's Celebration with champagne, and Thanksgiving with the emphasis on Butterball turkeys rather than being Thankful. 

I'm not familiar with traditional holidays in religions around the world, but I'd be surprised if there isn't advertising (or at least being planned by BigAdvertising) influencing folks on where to spend their grocery money...


  1. Sugar is physically addicting, and it sells an awful lot of things. Lotta money there... Ever wonder why sugar suddenly appeared in MUSTARD ingredients?

    1. When did they start putting sugar in mustard?

      I make my own, so hadn't noticed...

    2. Several years back, then it became overt: Honey Mustard, etc.

  2. Rant away! I completely agree with you and let's not forget that they start advertising and stocking stores months before the actual holidays get here. I want to enjoy Christmas in December, not starting in October before Halloween is even here. I remember getting Easter Baskets as a child but I also remember the dying of the eggs, Sunrise Services and the family meal after church. If everyone that talks about the obesity epidemic in our country would really notice the source (advertising from big companies, especially fast food) it would be a truly eye opening experience.

    1. Thanks, nice to see someone else voicing my sentiments! I've come to the stage where I hate holidays due to the drawn-out advertising schedule.

    2. I seldom see the advertising, as I don't have TV and stopped listening to the radio decades ago due to advertising. Ditto newspapers.

      But this last year, I got my first seed catalog in October, and frantically placed my orders by Christmas. This was because I didn't place orders until the end of January last year and so didn't get some of my seeds. Even with the early order, I didn't get my parsnips...

      Is this part of the same thing???

    3. Probably.

      Saving seeds, and belonging to a good seed savers group greatly increases our success for getting the seeds we want largely because they are not part of the advertising blitz.


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