Saturday, March 9, 2013

I may learn to like "Whole Foods" stores!

I need to change my opinion of the giant grocery chain Whole Foods. "Whole Foods" has often been called "Whole Pocketbook" because of the cost of many of their items. Since there isn't a Whole Foods store within a hundred miles of my home, I don't have much opportunity to check them out. However, if I'm on a trip, I will occasionally stop by a Whole Foods store in search of goodies I have not found anyplace else.

Then today, the NY Times carried the story that Whole Foods has become the first retailer in the US that will require labeling of ALL genetically modified foods sold in its 339 US and Canadian stores. 

Whole Foods’ shelves already carry some 3,300 private-label and branded products that are certified non-GMO, the largest selection of any grocery chain in the country. (Look for 365 Everyday Value.)

Genetically modified ingredients have been deeply embedded in the global food supply since the 1990s. Most of the corn and soybeans grown in the United States have been genetically modified. Efforts are under way to produce a genetically altered apple that will spoil less quickly, as well as genetically altered salmon that will grow faster. 

The Whole Foods announcement ricocheted around the food industry and excited proponents of labeling. “Fantastic,” said Mark Kastel, co-director of the Cornucopia Institute, an organic advocacy group that favors labeling.

22 states in the US now have some sort of pending labeling legislation.


  1. Wow! What great news!

    I don't mind WF...I think there's still the sentiment out there that it's morally wrong to cover your expenses, let alone make a reasonable profit. I've always found their products to be high quality. Yes, they are more expensive than Natural Grocers, but they also have a better selection AND A grade produce. I would just never buy their conventional produce as it's more expensive than the regular supermarkets. It just comes down to being a wise shopper & the rest, I think, is bitter grapes. And I am sick to death of the bitter grapes on the liberal left.

    I am so sick & tired of whining & kvetching on both sides. The national past time of piss & moan has worn thin w/me.

    1. Well, I'll get a chance to check them out myself tomorrow or Tuesday. There's a WF store in Winston-Salem, where I have appointments Monday and Tuesday at Wake Forest Hospital.

  2. Wonderful! Hopefully this trend catches on.

  3. A new one is being opened in my area in June.

    And I think making a profit is what having a business is for... I'm for people prospering and doing well. That's why so many came to America in the first place...they could get out of their "cast system" or other societies that keep people from making something of themselves with their hard work and talent.

    Long live the Constitutional Republic.


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