Sunday, August 7, 2011

Volunteers Do Pay!

I've posted several times this year about having volunteer winter squash (and tomatoes) in my flower beds. The tomatoes don't have their first blush of color quite yet (as this was written on July 30), but I have harvested some of the winter squash, shown above.

There are a few more squash still growing on the vines, but not as many as there were a few days ago when I accidentally severely damaged one vine with several small squash on it!

Right now the squash are 'curing' on the front porch for 3 weeks before going in the root cellar, and those volunteers will be a lovely addition to my winter fare this year.

Pretty good return from just letting Nature take over, huh?

ps, the plastic container on the left is a few blackberries I had just picked.


  1. I love volunteers! I have a volunteer pumpkin producing more than the ones I grew fro seed! Tomatoes too!

  2. Thanks... and good deal on the pun'kins!

    I can barely wait for the vol. tomatoes to start producing!


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