Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Organic Ready" Corn Thwarts GMO Contamination

Using a name chosen as a play on Monsanto's Roundup Ready GM crops, Frank Kutka and a group of corn breeders are developing organic and non-GMO corn varieties with a naturally occurring trait that can block incoming pollen and prevent GMO contamination.

"Frank Kutka is on a mission: to help save organic corn from GMO contamination. As acres of genetically modified corn increase—88% of this year’s US corn plantings are GM—it is becoming more difficult for organic and non-GMO farmers to prevent cross pollination—and contamination—from GM corn. Kutka, a plant breeder and coordinator of the Sustainable Ag Research and Education (SARE) program at North Dakota State University, recently received an $11,500 grant from the Organic Farming Research Foundation to develop what he calls “organic ready” corn."  Read the whole article here

I love it (the name)! 

I also love seeing some good news regarding GMO's... and that plant breeders and farmers are starting to become more aggressive in thwarting Monsanto's march to complete dominance (with the apparent help of the FDA) over the landscape ecology and our healthy food supply.


  1. That's just delightful, Darius! Came across this article while looking for your directions on home-made pectin...

    Leslie F.


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