Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just for Giggles

Photo after 24 hours of drying time. The drying greatly reduced the space between slices.

I've been doing a lot of dehydrating this summer, and cursing the energy I'm using when sunshine is free. On my post about dehydrating zucchini, I mentioned someone's method of drying zucchini on wooden dowels in a hot garage. Well, I don't have a hot garage... but my pick-up gets plenty hot when I keep the windows closed anticipating our almost daily afternoon thunderstorms.

So, you know I just had to try it! I put the threaded zukes in the truck about 2 PM, and by the next late afternoon they were perfectly dried! I only had one dowel rod long enough to span the space between the dashboard and the seat-back or I would have done more. The back window of a sedan would work great, too.

Now I need to rig some kind of support arrangement that will allow me to use the screened trays from my Excalibur in the truck, because I will be drying tomatoes soon.


  1. great use of the car. here is a site that has a baqsic homemade solar dehydrator...
    its been on my mind to make one and a solar oven, im all for making use of free energy (and "sticking it to the man")

  2. love the idea and with my car getting to 150+ in the day I should try this, when my car is her that is.


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