Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Radiation Dose Chart

With all the current concerns about radiation doses, I thought I'd post this dose chart. It is too large to post the actual chart here so that you'd be able to read the text, so here's the link.

There are some very interesting stats among the low levels. For example, eating one banana has the same dose as living for a year within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant... and eating one banana is ⅓ the dosage of living within 10 miles of a coal power plant for a year. Who know that about bananas??? Or coal plants??

The stats are all in grid pictures so it's easy to compare the doses and possible dangers, and includes grid pictures from cross-country (US) airplane flights, CT scans, dental x-rays, mamograms, or spending a day in areas like the Colorado Plateau where the background radiation is higher than average.

Interesting (to me, anyway) is that a mamogram is 3X the external dose from Three Mile Island!

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