Saturday, March 12, 2011

Garden Flood

It's not quite garden time here yet... thankfully. With all the recent rain, my creek has flooded into the yard twice in the last 8 days and threatens again tonight. The day the photo above was taken, the waters came up in the yard well above the garden and completely covered the shallots and garlic shown in the photo taken when the flooding just started. 

The shallots and garlic have been in the ground since October, and must have a good root system by now since they didn't wash away when the swift water covered them. I'm hoping they don't rot, which is a large possibility for the shallots.Shallots are prone to getting rain in the neck causing rot; the bulb is always planted with the neck slightly above ground to prevent that, but the total immersion may do them in even though it was just overnight.

There are a few other perennials (besides weeds!) in the garden, just starting to show life although you can't see it in the photo. There is sorrel, biennial cabbage collards and asparagus along the top edge, with horseradish and comfrey down at the far end. I think there's more because I'm always surprised at what shows up!

I'll start seeds around April 1st for planting after our last frost date of May 15th. Meanwhile, I have onion plants (not sets) to put in if it ever dries out, and still have to order leek plants.

With the crazy winter weather this year, I'm a little fearful of what the summer will bring. However, I hope it will be Happy Gardening for us all!

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