Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The More I Change...

While I watched the boob-tube off and on last night, I was reflecting on the many changes in my life just in the last 15 months, as well as changes over most of my whole adult life. As is typical of me, I usually don't even realize I am 'processing' something until after the fact, and major changes over the years have seemed to almost miraculously appear. Some decisions of course have been deliberate, while others feel like I had no alternative...  just pulled along like a pig with a ring in my nose.

Right now I sense something is afoot... perhaps something is percolating along in my sub-conscious, or percolating in the Universe? I really don't know... I just have a suspicion my life is about to change again, and no clues whether for the better or worse, although hopefully better... even in this crappy situation our country and the world is in.

Over the years I have accumulated working knowledge in so many diverse fields. Serial (and successful, depending on your definition) careers have been all over the map: working in open heart surgery, architectural sales and marketing, raising show horses, passive solar design, real estate legal stuff, graphic design, home building, research and development... 

None of those fields were deliberately chosen; I just seemed to fall into one after another, without any 'connective tissue'. Some allowed me to participate in some pretty awesome things, for which I am grateful although it doesn't pay the bills now. As I grew older and the list lengthened, most folks except close friends seldom believed I did all those disconnected things. Sometimes I even wonder, except I have documentation... and scars.

I have always wondered if there was some reason I was being exposed to, and learning, so many different things, and if someday those skills would all focus for a purpose. I am no closer to an answer now than I was 30 years ago. Sigh.


  1. I feel like change is coming; not the normal small changes we all go through, but something massive. My instinctive reaction is to hide in a corner because, for good or bad, change is disruptive. And I fear this isn't for good.

  2. Oh, I've also been aware the change you are feeling, and I certainly think you are right on about it. It could happen by the end of December?

    The changes in my life feel like they are not the same changes as will affect us all, but they could be in tandem.

  3. Live long & prosper my friend.

  4. Thanks, Scoots... You've made some big changes yourself!


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