Thursday, August 26, 2010

About the Egg Recall...

Everyone is aware of the 500 million+ egg recall because of a salmonella outbreak, and a some folks are aware of the despicable environments of the hens who lay those eggs. Fewer are aware of the lower nutritional value in those eggs.

However, many groups are really having a field day because of the recall. Animal Rights groups are pushing a vegan diet that excludes all animal products including eggs. Environmental Groups are pushing the hazards to our ecosystems from waste products. Some groups are pushing for 'Free-Range' to actually mean something more than a small door to a concrete lot. Organic Farmers and Environmentalists both are pushing for non-GMO beans and grains in feed. BigPharma is giddy at the financial prospect of the vaccines that may be required for every chicken.

It's a political and media football, and us folks in the grandstands get to watch... but generally don't get to win. Nor will the hens. BigAg will find a way of 'compliance' that still insures the biggest bottom line, just the way one of the big companies involved in the currant recall has either avoided making real changes as a result of their health citations, or given the citations lip service while really changing nothing but still making a big profit.

What I foresee happening is that before long you will not be able to buy local farm-raised eggs at the farmer's markets, nor from your neighbor, except under cover. Already some civic groups are prevented from having fund-raising pot-luck suppers (which often include deviled eggs) open to the public unless all food is prepared under USDA facilities and rules. 

Have you ever heard of an outbreak of salmonella poisoning from a neighbor's eggs or eggs bought at a farmer's market?

Time to get my ducks... er, chickens, in a row... in my back yard.

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