Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interesting Unemployment Graphic Visualisation

According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are nearly 31 million people currently unemployed -- that's including those involuntarily working part-time and those who want a job, but have given up on trying to find one. In the face of the worst economic upheaval since the Great Depression, millions of Americans are hurting.

"The Decline: The Geography of a Recession," as created by labor writer LaToya Egwuekwe, serves as a vivid representation of just how much. Watch the deteriorating transformation of the U.S. economy from January 2007 -- approximately one year before the start of the recession -- to the most recent unemployment data available, updated 7/15/2010.

Scary, isn't it? 

Added: On Thursday, Aug. 15, unemployment figures released the news that the number of first time jobless claims rose to 500,000. That's equivalent to another whole, good-sized city's population now unemployed.

According to wikipedia, 500,000 is larger than any of these US cities:
Kansas City, MO
Fresno, CA
Sacramento, CA
Long Beach, CA
Mesa, AZ
Omaha, NE
Miami, FL
Cleveland, OH

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