Monday, December 21, 2009

Yes, Snow....

The day was overcast so the photo isn't very bright, but this is the picture from my front porch yesterday. They did finally get our road plowed, so now we have a 3' high ridge of icy snow where the driveway should connect to the road.

It warmed to about 34ยบ during the day so the snowfall compressed quite a bit and it doesn't look like 15" anymore except by the fences. The 3 dark spots at the right center edge are 3 automobile tires leaning upright against the fence. (I use them for planting potatoes.)

My sister made it home last night, after sleeping 2 nights in the guard shack where she works. Her car is parked down the road because The Kid's car is blocking the driveway between our bridge and the road. Looks like more snow shoveling is on my agenda for today.


  1. Did you lose power or did everything stay up and functional? Glad you're snuggled in!

  2. We were fortunate and only lost power a little while. About 30,000 are still without power since Friday, almost 4 days now.

    I have no idea what the other post says, since it's a language I do not know.


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