Friday, December 4, 2009

Does the Right Hand know...?

Does either hand know what the other hand is doing? Sometimes I wonder... This past February, 10 months ago, I applied for a 2010 Census job. About 2 weeks later, they called me in with a group to take the initial test... which I did, and passed with a decently high score. At the end of that test, we were informed there would also be Supervisor's positions available, requiring another test.

So I notified them I was interested. Months passed with no word. Finally in May I received a call that the test would be given in a town about 45 miles up the road, and it would be a Pass-Fail only test. At the appointed time, I drove up there and took the supervisor's test. Results were to be available by telephone within 2 business days. A week and a half later I was finally able to get my score: Passed.

Several days ago I received a call from Roanoke reminding me I had inquired about taking the Supervisor's test which was given this morning in a town 100 miles away. I informed the caller I had already taken the test months ago and had heard nothing about a position, but was advised I should take it again and hope for a good score.

So early this morning, before the sun was even breaking the horizon in my area, I drove out of my valley and headed up the highway. As luck would have it, the manager in charge at the 13-County Census Office actually had her head on squarely, and with some correct information.
Turns out it was a total waste of $25 in gas to drive the 100+ miles each way, for 2 reasons. Yes, I'm already in the computer as having taken and passed the supervisor's test. Secondly, today's test was for 2 office supervisor's positions, based IN THAT OFFICE, and that would be a very long daily.

She did apologize for the man who called me, saying some new folks didn't have all the information... but that man told me he had been working in that census office since January. I'm really beginning to wonder about all the ineffciency in government positions. I do know the probability of securing a position in my county is practically nil. Despite all the advertising about equal employment opportunities, I live in an area run by the Good Ole' Boys, and it's "Who's Your Daddy?" rather than capability that lands a job.

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  1. I concur with your final statement. I, too, took the initial test for Census take, and passed with a high score. I did not heard anything for a couple months until a fellow called me on my cell phone (not my house line which I listed as primary contact) to ask if I had a valid driver's license, to which I replied "YES, why?."

    Now I'm not so sure I want to work with such a disorganized bunch of people if they were to get their act together enough to call me in to work! Such people are very stressful to be around, so I guess I'm wound too tightly, LOL.


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