Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sister Mary Had but One Child

I like Christmas Carols, and can even remember when it was safe to go around various neighborhoods singing carols. However I must admit, I am very tired of hearing the same carols over and over, year after year. Plus, it seems like every year the selections played become smaller.

One of my favorite lullaby's usually heard during the Christmas Season is
All Through the Night, although I have not heard it played on the air in years. Here's a link where you can hear the tune if this song is unfamiliar to you. In my group of friends long ago, we always played it on Christmas Eve, and one of our members would read aloud A Child's Christmas in Wales written by Dylan Thomas.

Here's a wonderful old African-American spiritual I first heard on NPR many years ago while driving through South Carolina. I looked in vain a long time for a copy, but now with the internet, many are available. The version I first heard was (to my ear) much nicer than this one, but at least it's not "Rudolph".
Merry Christmas!

Sister Mary Had But One Child

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