Friday, November 6, 2009

FDA Cracks Down On Misleading “Smart Choices”

Photo is by Mikelight, Creative Commons License

I wrote here about how smart is the "Smart Choice" label about a month ago. Now it seems the FDA is taking action, arguing that the labels may mislead the public by implying that sugary foods are healthy.

This is from another writer, but the words could have been mine if I was feeling better already:
"I’m amazed that the “Smart Choices” label has gotten this far, considering it was trying to suggest that Froot Loops are somehow nutritious, and happy that the FDA is taking decisive action to curtail the manipulative marketing scheme. However, given that Kraft has announced that they are phasing out the label, and General Mills, Kellogg and Unilever plan to follow suite, I have a feeling the label will not be around for much longer regardless of what the FDA does.

Navigating the supermarket to find healthy food and deciphering additive-laden labels is already challenging enough without deceptive packaging. A great way to steer clear of unhealthy ingredients is to stay to the outer perimeter of the supermarket, where you’ll find fresh produce and more whole foods. Better yet, take some advice from Diane Hatz, founder of Sustainable Table, and learn how you can eat more local and sustainable foods that truly are smart choices."

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