Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is spending what?

Jill Richardson investigated and wrote about this information, which should make us all pause to consider just who is trying to shape government policy in their favor, and how much the biggest spenders were willing to bet on their horse winning.

Ms. Richardson pulled the report for the first quarter 2009 and found an astounding list of more than 20,000 -- corporations, individuals and groups -- who spent money trying to curry favor among the policy-makers in America. When she narrowed her parameters to just expenditures of over one million dollars, more than 100 came up (including AIG, who spent $1,250,000 on lobbying during that period).

The following totals are for just the first 3 months of 2009:

1) $42 Million: Health Care, Health Insurance, & Pharma

2) $31 Million: Oil

3) $20 Million: War

4) $17 Million: Telecoms

5) $15 Million: Financial

6) $10 Million: Automotive

7) $7 Million: Life Insurance

8) $6 Million: Biotech

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