Sunday, July 19, 2009

Major health hazards and GMO foods, pesticides

GMO (genetically modified organisms) are now found in more than 80% of non-organic foods sold in conventional grocery stores in the United States. An alarming study conducted by French, Italian, New Zealand, British and American experts was just published pointing to serious health hazards from genetically engineered foods and pesticides.

study brings to light "a significant underestimation of the initial signs of diseases like cancer and diseases of the hormonal, immune, nervous and reproductive systems, among others. We demand the systematic publication of the results of these tests, which we could only obtain on a case by case basis by taking legal action."

The findings are in agreement with the decade-long criticism by public interest organizations such as
Greenpeace, Organic Consumers Association and Friends of the Earth who contend bureaucrats of the FDA and the European Food Safety have used unreliable tests to assess the safety of foods and products containing GMO’s.

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