Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harvesting Shallots

The shallots are ready to harvest! I planted 2 kinds of shallots last fall, Dutch yellow shallots, and French red shallots, and just harvested the Dutch yellows. By accident, I also dug 2 clumps of the French reds, not remembering where one batch ended and the next began.

The French reds are on the left of the photo above, and as you can see, they are considerably larger than the Dutch yellows. There are more yellow shallots than shown, as I had already bundled some. I will dig the French reds in a few days; I’m waiting until the few seed heads I purposefully left on the plants mature a bit more.

I now have the yellow shallots I just dug tied in bundles and hanging in my root cellar (with a small fan running) to cure. Curing shallots is pretty much the same as curing garlic. See the garlic post here.

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