Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Else I'm doing...

Well, my health is preventing me from doing much, but here's the pea shoots I just bought. If you haven't ever tried pea shoots, they are marvelous! I love them topped on a baguette hat's covered with fresh soft cheese and lightly dressed with EVOO, or in a salad. They can also be lightly cooked in a stir-fry, or sautéed with some garlic. Do not overcook them!

Pea shoots are showing up more and more at farmer's markets because they produce 4X what fresh peas do. I couldn't find any information about their O-6 to O-3 ratio, but being a green shoot, I would expect it to be good.

Then, on the not-quite-so-good-for-me list, I bought a box (18 pcs) of Champagne Mangoes that I'm slicing to freeze. I grew up with Florida mangoes, and as my mother always said, "I could just waller (wallow) in them". These are close in taste but with an added hint of lime to the fruit. I figure if I only eat a few frozen pieces once a month, it will satisfy my mango cravings, and not disrupt my O-6:O-3 ratio too much.


  1. The peas were all planted last week, so it will be a while before I can harvest pea shoots. The I might be able to get DH to make his wonderful pork fried rice and add them to it...

    1. Pam, you need to send me an email so we can talk. My addy is in the right column under "about me".

      I don't like peas (except snow peas and sugar snaps) so it's interesting to find I like pea shoots even though they taste just like peas.


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