Friday, April 12, 2013

Expect Upcoming Posts on Good Nutrition

I've been taking a harder overall look at nutrition since I was in the hospital (again) last week, even though I know my nutritional intake is probably better than 90% of Americans. The first things I will be looking at more closely are my Omega 6/3 fat ratios, and body pH.

Two days ago I got the results of the ultrasound done last week, where they were looking for a build-up of abdominal fluids (which turned out to be non-existent). However, the report shows they also found a lesion on my left kidney, and a growth (hopefully just a cyst) on my pancreas. I'll have an MRI scheduled soon to get better definitions of each, but both are worrisome.

So I've been (and will be) taking a deeper look at the nitty-gritty of the vitamins, minerals and healthy fats we can get from Real Food, and how they impact our health. Most of what I've read so far has to do with how cancer cells grow in our bodies, and while my kidney and pancreas anomalies hopefully aren't cancerous, my doctors have told me for several years that any liver disease puts someone more at risk for cancers of the liver and pancreas.

I am a firm believer that most disease wouldn't occur at all with a nutritionally balanced diet of real foods, containing all the vitamins and minerals we need to function. Our food system is woefully inadequate at providing them.

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  1. This is exactly what I started doing in 2007-2008, as I got sicker and more wheelchair bound. I was like you, probably ate better than 90% of people, but it was mostly grocery store fare. I did eat whole grains, but not organically, and had cut all sweeteners out in 2001.

    But the dramatic change in my health from changing the quality of the food has made the struggle worthwhile. I've not used the wheel chair since March 2008 (except when I broke my leg in 2010), and am far more able to get work done around the farm than when I started.

    The only changes were raw milk kefir to start, and growing more nutrient dense foods and raising our own meat.

    So I will be reading your coming posts with great interest.


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